Alexa now lets you send SMS messages, but you’ll need an Android phone

Alexa now lets you send SMS messages, but you’ll need an Android phone

Amazon looks set to divulge a noteworthy new component with Alexa amid the Super Bowl on Sunday, yet before that, it’s giving its advanced associate yet another ability — the capacity to send an SMS message utilizing an Echo gadget.


Before now, Alexa could enable you to send content based messages to individuals’ cell phones in the event that you have the Amazon Alexa application and an Echo gadget, yet it required the beneficiary to likewise have a similar setup.


The new SMS include is unquestionably a change, however, there are as yet a few restrictions you’ll have to think about. To begin with, it just works from Android telephones, and second, at the present time, it’s just accessible to people inside the United States. Amazon hasn’t said on the off chance that it intends to move it out universally.


On the off chance that this is still you, at that point, you can request that Alexa send an SMS to any of your telephone’s contacts. To empower it, open your Alexa application and tap on the “Discussions” symbol. Next, select “Contacts” and after that “My Profile.” Then it’s basically an instance of flipping the “Send an SMS” catch.


When you ask Alexa and your Echo gadget to “send an instant message” or “send an SMS,” Amazon’s computerized colleague will request that you name the beneficiary and afterward uncover their subtle elements from your contacts. On the off chance that the individual isn’t in your gets in touch with, you can basically say the number to which you need to send the message.


A flawless touch is that while each message that grounds on the beneficiary’s telephone shows up in content frame, they’ll additionally have a connection you can tap on so they can hear it too.


Alexa informing keeps on working in the standard way, however in the event that you request that Alexa sends “a message” (instead of “an instant message” or “an SMS”), it’ll begin by endeavoring to push it through to the Alexa application. On the off chance that the beneficiary doesn’t have the application, the capacity will send it as an SMS rather, in which case, bearer charges may apply.


Android cell phone clients should locate the new element working now on all Alexa gadgets that help Alexa calling and informing. At the present time, it doesn’t deal with outsider Alexa speakers.


The new functionality is the most recent move by Amazon to make them cozying up to Alexa and the Echo gadgets that it powers before you have an opportunity to consider comparable choices.