Cyberpunk 2077 Gets A New Teaser Trailer

As a major aspect of the present Microsoft E3 question and answer session, Witcher engineer CD Projekt Red flaunted another secret of its next beast measured, yet in addition creature free RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

The trailer started with a male character saying that his city is the most exceedingly terrible in America, referencing a “high as can be rate of savagery” and “a greater number of individuals living underneath the destitution line than anyplace else.” He included, in any case, that everyone still needs to live there on the grounds that the city has a comment everyone. We at that point saw scenes of advanced characters battling, applying cosmetics, playing pool, competing with robots, getting into shootouts, driving, and having cool mohawks—the whole way across a sprawling cyberscape of a city.

“It’s a city of dreams, and I’m a big dreamer,” the narrator (and presumably main character) said.

Unfortunately, Geralt never liberally burst out of the shadows or steered a science fiction air cushion vehicle that looked suspiciously like a bath. I figure he truly is resigned. For the present.