Facebook Messenger application opens dark mode for everybody

Messenger Dark Mode

Facebook acquainted a dark mode highlight with its Messenger application in 2018 be that as it may, at the time, it was just being tried by select clients in a couple of nations. In March this year, that highlight was opened up to all clients, anyway it was in fact still an Easter egg – it must be guilefully initiated by communicating something specific containing a bow moon emoji.

From today, however, you can say goodnight to the moon as Facebook has reported it’s rolling the element out to all clients.

Instructions to get it

Anybody utilizing the Messenger application will probably obscure their visits by making a beeline for the settings sheet (by tapping on the profile picture on the application) where a ‘dark mode’ flip switch is accessible right up top.

Not exclusively is a dull topic useful for your eyes, Google says it additionally helps preserve battery on Android gadgets, as it takes less power for the screen to show dark.

On the off chance that you don’t see the flip switch immediately, have a go at refreshing the application or holding up multi day or two – the component is taking off to iOS and Android gadgets beginning from today.



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