Google Assistant notices were broken on Android

Google Assistant hasn’t been so… assistive recently. Various clients announced that Google Assistant notices have been broken on Android, avoiding updates and other critical cautions from overcoming. The issue seems to have begun with updates to the Google application in the course of recent days, especially the latest (9.0.6). Some had accomplishment by uninstalling updates or clearing their application store, however it didn’t seem to have been genuinely settled until a server-side refresh landed on January 28th.

We’ve approached Google for input, in spite of the fact that the bug didn’t seem to influence iOS or different stages.

While the glitch appears to have been settled, its planning isn’t actually perfect. Google just exhibited the following influx of Assistant innovation at CES – it’s not actually certainty rousing when a capacity like this quits working. Consider it a not really inconspicuous cautioning that you shouldn’t depend entirely on cloud administrations to remind you about an essential arrangement, regardless of how solid the administration regularly is.

Via: 9to5Google