Linux or Windows – Which is it?

Computer users and programmers became thus at home with exploitation Windows, even for the dynamical capabilities and therefore the appearances of the graphical interface of the versions, so it’s remained Microsoft’s product. Although, Lycoris, Red Hat, Mandrake, Suse, Knoppix, Slackware and Lindows structure a number of the various versions of UNIX system. These firms unharness their own versions of the operative systems with minor changes, and however continually with constant bottom line. the easy proven fact that not one amongst these firms square measure near competitive with Windows, for the foremost half causes the distinction in market share.

It generally looks everybody on the earth is exploitation Windows. several say Windows is much higher than UNIX system due to the easy handling of the software system or hardware. There square measure immense variations between the quantity of users of UNIX system and Windows. several say UNIX system is way higher as a result of it started as AN Open supply software system and therefore is a lot of versatile than Windows. Then what accounts for the large distinction in market share between these 2 operative systems?

Windows and UNIX system square measure completely different in some ways.

1. Windows interface is AN integral part of the OS; speed, potency and dependability, whereas the UNIX system interface is nonobligatory, square measure augmented by running a server instance of UNIX system while not a interface, one thing that server versions of Windows merely cannot do. the character of the UNIX system interface makes remote administration of a UNIX system laptop easier with a a lot of natural feel than Windows computers.

2. The command prompts of the operative systems square measure terribly completely different. The command interpreters within the Windows 9x series square measure terribly almost like one another and therefore the NT category versions of Windows even have similar command interpreters. There are, but variations between a Windows 9x command interpreter ANd one in an NT category flavor of Windows. Linux, like UNIX, conjointly supports multiple command interpreters, however it always uses BASH or “Bourne once more Shell”.

3. whereas you’ve got to pay hundred’s of greenbacks for a brand new Windows version, you’ll be able to simply go transfer UNIX system. there isn’t any manuals or easy installers for the free version. though there’s quite an learning curve once utilizing the free package. There square measure some straightforward machine-controlled packages of UNIX system for low costs.

Microsoft’s “big con” is that the supposed security problems with windows. Most spyware, adware and malicious files programs work with Windows simply fine. generally you are doing not touch upon these forms of circumstances unless you’re operating with Windows. whereas UNIX system offers a powerful protection, secret protection for Windows is bypassed with ease.


The software system availableness is that the key to why Windows wins over UNIX system during this competition. Most software system releases square measure already organized for Windows. If you selected to use UNIX system you want to copy Windows with special software system so as to use your windows based mostly programs. you may continually install Windows as a system to UNIX system, this is able to take the executive capabilities of Windows and permit them to funtion on UNIX system.

If UNIX system is ever to contend with Windows, it should become a lot of user friendly and supply serious technical support.

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