Mike Moustakas tore open a marker bundle in a store to sign for a youthful Brewers fan

Mike Moustakas ripped open a marker package in a store to sign for a young Brewers fan

Mike Moustakas has been on the Brewers for scarcely over seven days since coming over from the Royals at the Trade Deadline, however the Milwaukee unwavering is as of now inviting him with open arms.

The third baseman was in a retail chain on Saturday when two youthful Brewers fans remembered him and were enlivened to request his signature. Moustakas was glad to do as such, yet there was a little issue – they didn’t have any written work actualize that he could use to sign.


Moustakas, nonetheless, perceived that they were in the ideal area to discover one:

Savvy move by Moose to simply tear open a marker bundle, and great on him for taking care of the expense.

Presently, the children have a Moustakas signature and a free marker! What an arrangement.

Andrew Mearns is an essayist for Cut4 whose baseball fixation was conceived from the smashed dreams of Mike Mussina’s ideal amusement endeavor in 2001. He has a startling memory of World Series features that scarcely capacities as a gathering trap.